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Comanche Creek Prep is located in Montana a tax-free State on goods and services

Product Pricing


Cost per Unit Starting Price

Cost Per Unit Includes

1.) Receiving        


2.) Inspection      

3.)Label Removal


 4.) All Labeling         (FNSKU, Suffocation Warning, Shipping, ect.)

5.) Storage up to 14 days



Starting price up to 3 items


$0.10 charge per additional item after 3

Cost per unity Includes

Bagging, labeling & processing

Additional Cost

Bundling is an additional cost per unit cost

****Shoes are $1.75 and includes rubber bands****


Bag Supplies
Poly Bags             $0.20
XL Poly Bags       $0.50

Bubble Bags        $0.50
Bubble wrap Large      $1.00
Bubble wrap X-large $1.50

Small                $2.50
Medium            $3.50
Large               $4.50

Customer Returns 
$1.00 per item for processing, re-bagging, or disposal as per client request

We Bill on the 1st and 16th and Invoice is due upon Billing

***There is a 5% invoicing fee if an invoice is not paid within 5 days. This is charged every 5 days that the invoice is unpaid. There is also an additional 15% 30-day late fee charged if the invoice is not paid within 30 days and all shipments will be delayed until the invoices are paid in full. This will also result in payment before future items are shipped.  ***

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